Allow me to introduce myself.

I have a confession.

Although I now officially live in Squamish, I don’t rock climb.

I know.

I also don’t mountain bike.

I know.

So how did I end up here?

My story is one that’s been told many times: Ontario transplant moves to Vancouver to acquire an education. B.Com in hand, she powers her way through the world of commercial real estate until she burns out and decides to become a ski bum. Snowboard under armpit, she moves to Whistler, shreds her heart out, meets a boy, and decides to settle down. To Squamish she goes.

Why Squamish?

To be frank, Whistler’s nutty real estate pricing ruled it out as our permanent homestead. The inability to find parking on weekends may have played a role, too. Squamish has all the natural things we like — mountains, trails, even some ocean! — plus it has the added perk for being close to The City, and thus all the city friends I acquired throughout my eight years as a Vancouverite.

It’s my happy medium between Vancouver Life and Whistler Life.

Now, I begin the next phase: Squamish Life.

The truth is, I don’t really know Squamish at all. But I’m excited to discover it, and I thought it might be nice to document my journey to becoming a Squamptonian. Step one: learn what the official term is for one who dwells in Squamish.

Who knows — maybe in a little while, you’ll even find some rock climbing and mountain biking posts here. Stay tuned.


Trees painted blue – an example of things I have discovered in Squamish thus far.



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