My quest to explore Quest’s trails

There’s a university in Squamish called Quest University. I don’t know a ton about it other than it has a quaint but pretty campus, it is expensive to attend, and it has hosted some pretty sweet seminars at the Whistler Public Library that I have attended over the years.

According to my Trailforks app (they don’t pay me, I swear), it is also close to some epic mountain biking (and trail running) trails. And thus began my quest to explore the trails of Quest.

My goal was to tackle the Legacy Trail, but I ended up taking a different route than planned. This is partly because it was starting to rain, partly because the hydration backpack I was testing for the first time kind of sucks (chafe city), and partly because I spent so much time stopping and looking at stuff that I was taking way longer than I had planned.


I started with an ascent through some switchbacky trails on Stl’lhalem Sintl’, but veered off course a bit to check out some tantalizing waterfalls. There was plenty to look at on this stretch of the trail, as exhibited below.


I call this land art.


Trail monster.

After a little while, I skipped over to the Northside Connector, which starts off as a wide logging road type of trail, but eventually narrows. My app — maybe not so trusty after all — indicated that there was a blue trail called Flat Alley that would take me back down the mountainside, but I couldn’t find it so I doubled back and followed Pseudo-Tsuga back down to Mamquam Road, where my car was parked.


It was a relatively short but sweet jaunt through the trails (clocking in at only about 6 km). I’ll definitely be back to check out more of these trails, but I have a hunch that these trails will become a little more congested with mountain bikers as we get deeper into summer.

Quest: successful.


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