Flat trail runs in Wonderland

After a few days off to cope with a lower back injury (shout out to Sea to Sky Massage Therapy for putting me back together again), I was keen to hit the trails — but the mellow, flat ones, not the ones that lead up mountains. I found what I was looking for on a trail called Wonderland.

Running in the mid-day heat was maybe not the best idea, especially because I had to run a couple of kilometers on the shade-less streets to get to the trail head. I was already sweating buckets when I found the start of the trail by Wonderland Valley Resort on Depot Road. The first little bit of the trail ran right along the highway — maybe not the most scenic view.


Where the highway bit ends and the forest bit starts.

Luckily, the trail ducked into the trees shortly thereafter. It looked like the middle of nowhere, but the sounds of cars whirring by on the other side of the trees was a reminder that the highway was not too far. Still, it was exactly what I was looking for: flat trails meandering through the woods. My mapping app had it rated as a green, but the trail signs said it was a blue. It felt pretty green to me.


The trail popped me out at the start of the road that leads up to Alice Lake Provincial Park. I originally thought I might hit up the blue White Rabbit trail, but I decided to cut my run short* and cross the highway to explore some other trails.

*And good thing I cut it short because I ended up going the long way home…


I intended to take a more direct trail called Larry’s Loop back, but I ended up on a super mellow trail called Ray Peters, which follows Squamish Valley Road until it hits Government Road. I continued on the Sea to Sky Trail that runs alongside Government Road until the trail ran out just past the train tracks in Brackendale. Then it was more hot, sunny road running until I made it back to my ‘hood.


Views where the trail cleared on Ray Peters

I’m keeping this run in my back pocket for the days I want to run far without gaining altitude — a challenging feat when you live in the mountains.


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