Cruising the commuter trails

Short on time and long on errands that needed to be tackled, I decided to combine exercising with my to do list items by running downtown and back.

I was pleased to learn that there were trails that could take me from Garibaldi Estates to downtown and back — on both sides of the highway.

The first part of the run was not terribly glamorous. It involved hugging the shoulder of Government Road until I crossed the river. Then, I crossed onto Old 99 Highway, which looks like a road on a map but is actually blocked off to cars and is a wide trail for cyclists and pedestrians. I hopped onto another trail that starts up just as you meet up with Pioneer Street. This trail runs parallel to the highway. It was flat and easy, and I couldn’t help think how perfect it would be for biking.


The trail spit me out at River Road, then started up again a little further down until it lead me to Buckley Avenue on the outskirts of downtown. I hit up the bank, then crossed the road to the Visitor’s Centre to pick something up and start the run back on the east side of the highway.

This trail starts just after the Visitor’s Centre on Logger’s Lane and is even better for bikes than the one on the west side of the highway. Paved with a yellow line down the middle, it reminded me an awful lot of Whistler’s Valley Trail.


I was lured away by a side dirt trail. A sign indicated that it lead to Brennan Park, so I knew it would take me in the right direction. It was a good call, and definitely a little more fun than hitting the pavement.

As promised, I popped out at Brennan Park (which I’d actually never been to) and followed the trail on the side of the highway back home.

Okay, so this wasn’t the most thrilling “trail” run, but it was a good recon mission. Now that I know downtown is so accessible by bike, it opens the possibility of car-less patio sessions.



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