The Spit


Photo Credit: Cedric Schell

On a run the other day, I passed a sign for “The Spit” — 4.2 kilometers down a dusty road, canopied with trees.

I’d heard of The Spit before: it’s a popular spot to go partake in wind/water sports, or to simply sit back and watch the pros do their thing. I’d never actually been down there, but I made a mental note to visit it someday soon to see what it was all about.

A few days later, Cedric mentioned wanting to head down that way to do a little recon for an upcoming hike he had planned. We hopped in the car and headed towards the gravel road leading to The Spit. We quickly found what we’d come to find, but it was such a glorious blue-sky-and-sunshine kind of day that we decided to finally check out the actual spit.


Photo Credit: Cedric Schell

It was the last day of the Squamish Wind Festival, and the water was packed with colourful kits towing people on boards. We parked our car quite a ways down the jetty, then settled into the bleachers and took it all in. Some of the best athletes would rip by us and perfect some gnarly looking aerials in front of the small crowd of spectators that had amassed. We cheered when they caught big air, and flinched when they didn’t quite stick their landings.

Kite boarding looks like a super cool sport, though it’s a little intimidating to imagine trying it firsthand. Harnessing the power of the wind looks, well, not easy, and neither does retrieving a board when it’s a floating a few dozen meters away in the choppy water. But the athletes in the water made it look like so much fun! And it really did seem like they were flying (although it was a little unnerving trying to figure out how they come back down, rather than being carried away by their kites up into the clouds).

We hung around for an hour or so before taking off, but I definitely think I’ll be back on another sunny day — perhaps with a picnic in hand. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll come back donning a dry suit, ready to take a shot at a lesson in kite surfing.



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