Running at the Squamish Days Loggers Sports Festival

I was hoping to truly partake in the activities of Squamish Days — namely, witnessing the lumberjack competitions held throughout the weekend — but work prevailed, alas. I will plan better for next year.


One part of the festival that I did get to experience was the Squamish Days 8K Run. Eight kilometers — or five miles — may seem like an unusual distance, but I read somewhere that the goal was to make the race seem accessible by members of the community. Evidently, 10 km — the distance of races past — was deemed to be slightly too ambitious by some.

I joined 135 other runners on a perfectly overcast Sunday morning, ready to tackle the flat and paved route along Buckley Avenue. My legs were just a little tender from the previous day’s Red Bull 400, but enough with the excuses.


The race went off smoothly, without much fanfare. There was no music blaring by the start or finish lines, and the start was a little anticlimactic (no major speeches or warm ups or anything), but the check-in was easy, the route was clearly marked, and the volunteers made sure that nobody got hit by a car.


As for my performance, all I can say is dang, Squamish — you guys are fast. My 41:44 race placed me 5/10 of my age group and 39/74 for women overall. Looks like I’ve got some speed work to do before next year’s event. Incidentally, the woman who came first is off to the Olympics next week — so at least the competition was legit!


3 thoughts on “Running at the Squamish Days Loggers Sports Festival

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