Breakfast at Fergie’s

I am officially a huge Fergie’s fan.

The first time I heard of Fergie’s was at a yoga retreat tucked away way down Squamish Valley Road. The instructor told me that it was a top notch place to eat, so I made a mental note to visit it some day.

That some day came a month ago on a Monday morning. We had friends stay at our place for the night and decided to head out for breakfast at The Watershed (another post for another time). Lo and behold, The Watershed is only open for breakfast on weekends — this is the worst news when you’re hungry in the morning. Remembering the Fergie’s recommendation, we decided to see if they were serving up something tasty. As it turned out, they were.


We rolled up to the restaurant, which is just a few minutes into Squamish Valley Road from the highway. Right off the bat, everything about Fergie’s just seemed so wonderfully delightful. Families and friends chilling at picnic tables scattered around the lawn. Big shady trees. A quaint little dog house. Jars instead of cups for water.

Fergie’s is the kind of spot where you order at the till and someone brings the food out to you (they use a wooden spoon with your number on it, so you don’t have to hang around until someone yells your name out or anything). The menu isn’t excessively long — but it’s perfect. They focus on serving fewer dishes, but doing them really, really well. It’s a method that works.

On this particular occasion, I ordered the French toast. It was a strange juxtaposition — the setting (a picnic table al fresco, kids playing around me) was super casual, but the beautifully presented dish and unbelievably tasty food suggested otherwise. The French toast totally hit the spot, but I simultaneously felt serious food envy at everyone else’s orders. Everything just looked so dang good.

We returned last week when my sister and her clan were in town visiting. This time, I ordered the pulled pork hash — SO GOOD. Arguably, the best part of the dish were the perfectly roasted potatoes. Typical hash browns, these are not.

This isn’t your typical greasy spoon diner — this is seriously good grub. High quality ingredients, a pretty presentation, and just the most satisfying breakfast ever. My niece enjoyed playing around (mostly with the rocks) and we headed down to check out the river once we were done eating.

I fully intend on returning to Fergie’s to explore the lunch menu. And I think they’re planning on expanding their hot drinks menu, which would be great (I’d kill for a chai latte, since I don’t like coffee). I bet you Fergie’s in the fall time is just fantastic.


The extent of my food photography : s

I didn’t take any photos of the food because 1) I find it awkward to do that and 2) I think we can all agree that photography is not my forte, but the best way to see what the dishes are all about is just to go there yourself. Trust me. And if you need someone to join you, just say the words.

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