I just love Alice Lake Provincial Park

I’m lucky to live quite close to Alice Lake Provincial Park, and I’ve fallen in love with the park’s Four Lakes Trail (and the many trails that it leads to).

Though the campground always seems packed (even when I first visited the park in the middle of the week in May!), I’ve never had trouble finding a parking spot in the main parking lot by Alice Lake.

The Four Lakes Trail is a six kilometer loop with minor elevation changes. The trail is relatively clear and doesn’t have too much stuff you can trip over, making it an awesome bet for those looking for a fun but mellow trail run.


As the name of the trail suggests, Four Lakes Trail takes you alongside four lakes: Alice, Edith, Fawn, and Stump. You also pass the rushing Cheekeye River en route.

I’ve done the trail both clockwise and counter clockwise. I prefer doing it clockwise; the uphill is more gradual and I like having the slightly steep downhill bit towards the end of the run. It takes me 45-ish minutes to run — more if I stop to take in the lake views along the way — and when I did it with my family, we walked it in around two hours.


Equally fun are the trails branching off from the main loop — I like the Bob McIntosh Memorial Trail to Rob’s Corners and Cliff’s Corners, then taking Tracks from Hell back to the Four Lakes Trail. This detour is easy, but beautiful. You can see these trails on the Squamish 50 map (it’s a teeny tiny section of the course).


And that’s why I just love Alice Lake Provincial Park!


6 thoughts on “I just love Alice Lake Provincial Park

  1. I just ran the Squamish 50 and the Alice Lake section was, by far, the most beautiful. I love the bridges on Tracks from Hell and the seemingly secret Edith Lake. Watch out for that Devil’s Club plant! It packs a nasty punch!


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