Turning 30; Seeking Ribs

This time last year, we were in the home stretch of our 5-month, 14-leg journey across the country. It was the last night of a car camping trip in Banff, and we were celebrating Cedric’s 29th birthday.

We had a fine day of celebrations, capping the festivities off with dinner in town. I can’t even remember the name of the restaurant; it’s on the second story of a building on the main strip. The menu was fine and the prices were decent, but the main appeal was the special of the day: a full rack of ribs for 50% off, or something like that. Naturally, this is what Cedric ordered.

The ribs were so good that, 365 days later, Cedric decided that he wanted to replicate the meal to ring in his 30th birthday. So the quest begin: find a restaurant that serves a mean rack of ribs that can compete with the Banff Ribs of 2015.

We considered a few different options, but opted for the Howe Sound Brew Pub. Neither of us had been before. I’d heard about it — nothing particularly good or bad, just that it existed — so we decided to check it (and its ribs) out.


The Brewery is located at the far end of downtown. Going in, we were surprised at how big it was. One side was closed for a wedding, and the other side gave me a Dusty’s-esque vibe, with vaulted ceiling and lots of wood. There are lots of doo-dads to look at, like cool beer steins hanging from the bar ceiling. It was surprisingly busy given the time (4 o’clock), but not the day (Saturday of a long weekend). We were quoted a 10 minute wait, but it ended up only being a couple of minutes before we were seated.


Wow, this photo must have been taken by a professional.

Our first server was okay, but somewhere along the way another guy took over our table’s serving duties, and he was really nice. We started with the tacos (we picked fish out of the three choices, which also included pulled pork and something veggie… I think…), which were super good. I opted for the pulled pork sandwich for my main, and Cedric had the ribs — of course. The pulled pork was fine. The pork itself was oddly sweet, and the bread turned into a sogfest, which I guess always happens with pulled pork sandwiches. Cedric’s ribs were — and I quote — “perfection”.

Cedric enjoyed sampling a couple of brewery’s own beers along the way, and picked up a few bottles to enjoy at home. As the designated driver and non-beer liker, I opted for a simple Coke. I feel like Howe Sound Brewery needs to hop aboard the craft soda train (like Creekbread and The Beacon have in Whistler).

So how do I rank the Howe Sound Brewery? The prices are good and the food ranges from good to great. The real appeal is its vibe. It’s the perfect casual spot to grab a burger and a beer, and the incredible views and convenient location are notable perks. I haven’t found anywhere else like this in Squamish yet, so I think it’s going to become our go-to pub — for now, at least.

Most importantly, it delivered on the ribs.


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