Mmm, Xocolate


I’ve walked by Xoco, the chocolatier downtown Squamish, many times.

Each time, I’ve wanted to pop inside to check it out, but I always felt like I needed to wait until I had a proper reason to visit.

Recently, my parents came to visit me in Squamish, and I finally felt like I had the perfect excuse.

It seemed fitting: I’m pretty sure my infatuation with chocolate has something to do with how they raised me. For instance, my Dad used to bring me back Rogers chocolates from his business trips to BC, and every Christmas, if I’m lucky, there’s a shiny gold box of open oyster pralines from Godiva waiting for me under the tree. When I was in high school, my mom would spend her Saturdays driving me downtown Toronto so I could join my aunt for our weekly chocolate course at George Brown (oh, the truffles I ate). Basically, a love for chocolate is in my genes.


When you first walk into the little Xoco shop off Cleveland Avenue, you’re greeted with a display of tempting looking pastries. Just past that is an even larger collection of perfect, tiny chocolates. They’re almost too pretty to eat — almost. There they sit, row upon row of shiny demispheres, splashed with different colours. They’re just so darned cute.


We decided we’d each pick three chocolates to try. I had to go last because it took me forever to narrow it down to only three. I asked if they had a signature flavour that they were known for, and the lady behind the counter said they were constantly changing their offerings — but that the salted caramel truffle was very popular. I chose the salted caramel, the Aztec chocolate (with a hint of cinnamon and a little spiciness), and a seasonal pumpkin one. Each was more delicious than the last.


My only regret is waiting so long to try Xoco. At $1.25 per chocolate, they’re an affordable indulgence. I also think it’s really neat that they’re made here in Squamish — I think I’ve found my new go-to hostess gift.

Check out their Instagram to ogle at their latest creations: organic chai and caramel; one infused with tea from  Lucas, the tea shop located a few doors down – I keep meaning to come here; blue universe (with local blueberries) — ahhhh!

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