The Sea to Sky Gondola: Mom and Dad Approved


Photos by my dad!

In my last post, I discussed my past job as a fish stick sample girl. This was just one of many totally random jobs I had while I lived in Whistler. Another one was hosting a web series called AltiTube.

For several years now, I have been a contractor for a marketing collective in Whistler. The company, Cloud9 Marketing, has a network of people with different marketing related skills (I’m one of the resident bloggers/copywriters) who are called to work on various projects as needed. You can already tell that this is a nicer sounding job than fish stick sample girl.

Cloud9 was the driving force behind the AltiTube series and when their host had to leave Whistler on short notice, I was asked if I was interested in stepping in to fill her shoes. I liked the idea of expanding my skill set, but I’m also HORRIBLE in front of the camera. I practiced like crazy before my first AltiTube video, which highlighted the new Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish. Behold:

I was running a little late en route to the shoot, and I may have been speeding slightly (in an area where everybody speeds slightly) when an undercover cop car flashed its lights at me. This was my first speeding ticket ever. It was traumatizing. I arrived to the shoot late (because getting pulled over negates any time you saved by speeding – lesson learn), and the cost of the parking ticket was more than what I was getting paid to do the video. To further rub salt in the wound, THREE WEEKS LATER, they officially increased the speed limit to THE SPEED I HAD BEEN GOING in the area I was pulled over. I like to think I was a pioneer in this change.

Because I was so frazzled, I hardly spent any time exploring the Sea to Sky Gondola. I basically went up the gondola (while rehearsing my lines like crazy), said my lines at the top, and came back down. I figured I’d be back one day to explore properly.


Photo by Dad

That day didn’t come until quite recently when my parents were in town. I wanted to show them Squamish’s incredible views and my mom wasn’t keen on hiking the Chief, so the gondola presented the perfect alternative. We were lucky to score a beautiful, clear day (I’m pretty sure it has been grey and rainy every day since then).

The ride up was mostly spent marveling at the views and speculating what it must have been like to undertake the construction of the gondola (suddenly, the admission prices – $40 per adult if you buy at the gate – seemed justified). When we got to the top, we took in the views and snapped a few shots as we hopped from viewing platform to viewing platform.

There is a suspension bridge that crosses over to some trails, and I thought for sure my “height resistant” mother would object to crossing it, but she impressed me when she deemed it sturdy enough to walk across.


I just love my mom’s “hiking shoes”. Photo by Dad.

There are plenty of hiking trails at the top (and to the top, for that matter – I’m so keen on checking out the Sea to Sky Summit trail!), but we stuck to the short and sweet Spirit Trail and spent some time checking out the surprisingly cool kids zone (which has slack lines – always fun).

I’m definitely looking forward to heading back to try some of the other hikes. Al’s Habrich trail looks awesome, as does the panorama trail. It just might be worth getting a season’s pass and checking out activities like the via ferrata or snowshoeing in the winter time.


As far as touristy activities go in Squamish, the Sea to Sky Gondola is worth a visit to showcase the views. It’s got a little something for everyone and is great for people who aren’t terribly keen on some of Squamish’s more high adrenaline activities. I still only feel like I’ve skimmed the surface of everything the gondola has to offer, but I’ll be back.

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