Magee’s Favourite Things 2016

Today, Oprah released her list of Favourite Things (or, as she calls them, Favorite Things with no U). This is a list of cute stuff, most of which nobody actually needs, some of which is clearly a product plug, and a few of which are actually lovely (I like these mugs a lot. Thanks for the tip, Oprah).

Since I don’t have anything groundbreaking to discuss today, having already covered the all-important matters of cupcakes and groceries earlier this week, I’ve decided to assemble a list of Magee’s favourite things.

I am not a person who loves things for the sake of having things, so rest assured that the items on this list are truly awesome. And nobody is paying me anything to talk about these, for the record.

Oakley Power Long Sleeve Training Top ($45)


I received the Oakley Pro rate for the entire year of 2013, and my only regret is not buying more of these long sleeve shirts (I only bought two). The fit is great, and it’s the perfect shirt for a fall run, for a base layer on the mountain, to wear XC skiing, etc. The colours seem to change periodically and I’m very much into this coral one.

S’well Water Bottle ($45)


My friend Jessica got me one of these for Christmas a couple of years ago, and it’s never more than a few feet away from me (even as I type this). This isn’t your average water bottle: it keeps the insides cold (or hot) for HOURS. I love ice cold water, and if I fill it up with cold water in the morning, it stays ice cold the entire day. Even if you bring it to hot yoga class. I love it so much that I bought one for my sister for her birthday. Plus, the designs and colour options are fantastic.

Benefit Erase Paste ($34)


I don’t wear a ton of makeup (much of the time, I go without), but Benefit is my favourite makeup brand and Erase Paste is my favourite product that they make. It’s an eye/face concealer and it works better than anything on earth, especially under the eyes. The best.

Salomon Trail Running Vest (S-Lab ADV Skin 12Set) (about $215)


I will be writing more about this marvelous hydration vest in the future, but suffice to say there’s a reason everyone in the trail running community has it. On my long runs, I use it to carry two flasks, a can of bear spray, keys, my phone, food, and other random bits of stuff. It seemed to be sold out EVERYWHERE, but after ordering it online from Spain, I found it in stock at the local Escape Route in Squamish.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Skin Care Line ($135)


There used to be a Rocky Mountain Soap Company in Whistler, and that’s how my addiction began (sadly, it is gone, but they have a location in Vancouver, plus an online store). I am lucky to have pretty good (though dry) skin, and they are my go to skin care line to keep everything in good shape. I use the serum, the cleansing oil, and the day cream on a regular basis. I love it because it is locally (ish — Canmore) made, all natural, and it lasts forever. Worth the price.

Silpat Silicone Baking Mat ($29.99)

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 8.57.20 AM.png

A must-have for any baker, especially one who likes to make cookies. I always keep a roll of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer so that we can cook up a few cookies when the craving hits, so these are used pretty regularly in my household. My mom got me two AGES ago, and they still work like a charm.

Anthropologie Mini Latte Bowl Set ($24)


My friend Katy gave these to me for Christmas a few years ago (amazing how many awesome things I discover through Christmas gifts) and I use them for EVERYTHING. Dips, holding tea bags, the perfect serving of chocolate covered almonds, you name it. I love the colours (mine are slightly different than these ones) and the functionality.

Rootables Chips, White Truffle ($4.99)


Oprah always includes something edible on her list, which I think is weird – why would I want to order a cake that’s made in California or cookies made in England? What kind of wonky preservatives are in there? Anyway, to stay true to the Favourite Things format, the edible item that I am including is Rootables Chips. I bought these at the Bizarre Bazaar market in Whistler last year AND THEY ARE SO GOOD! For a short period of time this summer, Olive’s (the food market in Function Junction) stocked these, and I made Cedric go in to pick us up a few bags. They are so good but so impossible to get. I am really hoping they have them at the Bizarre Bazaar again this year.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo ($16 for 1.8 oz)


I had a Birch Box subscription for a few months (until they decided to stop shipping to Canada – LAME) and one of my favourite products that I received was this dry shampoo. After trying it, I have discovered that there is no substitute. This is the #1 best dry shampoo on Planet Earth.

Lululemon Wunder Unders ($98)


I love leggings and I wear them all the time. I mean, ALL the time. I consider myself qualified to say that the best leggings at Lululemon’s Wunder Unders. Yes, they’re expensive, but they’re worth it. It’s been years since I’ve bought a new pair, but all my old pairs have held up perfect – no pilling, no holes, nothing but legging goodness.

7 thoughts on “Magee’s Favourite Things 2016

  1. Not a big fan of Living Proof, my hair feels sticky. I love Batista, and it’s cheaper. Available at Rexalls and Shoppers here, it always sells out real fast, so I stock up–meaning I buy two–when I can. And why is there no chocolate on your list?


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