À table! Squamish’s Secret Soup and Sandwich Spot

Let’s eat! Soup’s up! Lunch is ready!

Those are my best efforts at translating the French expression “à table”, which is the name of the delightful little Squamish restaurant that I am reviewing today.


This kid is having a hard time choosing – I was the same way.

The credit for discovering this little restaurant goes entirely to Cedric. It is tucked away in the industrial part of town, and I never would have noticed it on my own. It turns out that À table is his go-to lunch spot while waiting for his car to be serviced. Otherwise, I have never heard anyone talk about it. They don’t even seem to have a website (the address is 39149 Discovery Way, for those who want to check it out). But the four people who have reviewed it on TripAdvisor have each awarded it with five stars – and I’m apt to agree.


Hey, look! It’s the art I always ogle at in the lobby of the Four Seasons!

À table is right up our alley: it has a quiet, peaceful energy; delivers a delicious bite to eat under $15 (and healthy, depending on what you choose); and whips up a mean latté. This first part is key to us. While some people thrive for high-energy hotspots, we prefer somewhere a little more mellow and relaxing.


The aforementioned mean latté.

À table has a low key French vibe and a few of my favourite French dishes on the menu (namely a Croque Madame and a petit pain au chocolat, neither of which I’ve had the chance to try – yet, because the CM is only served until 11.) We’ve been there twice in the past couple of weeks for lunch, and both times it delivered.

On our most recent visit, I actually remember to take a couple of photos.

You can’t go wrong with a classic soup and salad combo. À table has a few regular sandwich options, as well as a few rotating specials. Two soups are offered – on this particular day, Cedric went with the Thai Coconut Chicken one.


Both times, I’ve had the rice bowl. It’s a simple but tasty dish full of flavour and veggies. I opted for the ginger beef bowl on the first trip, and had a sesame chicken bowl the second time. I’d have them both again in a hot minute.


Yum – or, as we say in French, miam.

À table strikes the perfect balance of offering just enough options while still keeping it simple. It’s the kind of place where you order at the counter, then they bring you your food. The water is serve-your-own, but it’s served in nice glass cups, which for some reason really impressed me. (I must be too used to those plastic ones on Whistler Blackcomb.) There are also ready-made sandwiches that you can grab on the fly.

When you’re in the mood for a quick lunch that isn’t sushi and that’s a little more special that chili from Tim Hortons (no offence to TH – that chili has its time and place), consider heading to À table. It’s a good reminder to leave the usual hubs once in awhile – sometimes, the best spots are in the weirdest places.

2 thoughts on “À table! Squamish’s Secret Soup and Sandwich Spot

  1. Why would anyone stop serving CM at 11:00 a.m.? It’s one of my faves for lunch or dinner! Très bizarre ! That croissant looks like it has a good crisp on it, as it should. Overall, my kind of Place (minus the cut-off for CM).

    Explain this: why, in a town of 17000 inhabitants, do you have addresses numbers like 39149?


    • Every man, woman, child, dog, and cat gets assigned their own individual address for eternity – the number is retired, so to speak, so even when they die we can’t use it again.

      Or something like that. When someone on the phone asks for my address I always tell them to brace themselves.


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