A Sunday Skate in Squampton

Allow me to share a brief Squamish moment of magic: ice skating on Brohm Lake.


It has been freezing cold lately, and I mean that literally. On a run yesterday morning through Alice Lake, I heard the oddest squeaking sounds. Upon further investigation, I realized that there was a small crew of people skating on Stump Lake. It looked fun.

I returned home and reported my find to Cedric, who already had pond hockey on the mind. Later, from the highway, we saw some people tearing it up on Brohm Lake. It looked really fun.

That night, we headed to Canadian Tire so that I could pick up a pair of skates. I haven’t owned a pair of ice skates since primary school, but I figure that my feet will probably stay the same size for the rest of my life, so why not take the plunge.


It snowed a few inches overnight, but Cedric assured me that this would not impair the lake’s skateability. He was right. We arrived at Brohm and I fresh tracked the heck out of the snow blanketing the ice.


Despite the fact that I am Canadian and that my parents enrolled me in Mice Capades (child skating lessons), I am pretty bad at ice skating. But I still had a ridiculously good time. The lake is huge, so I had tons of space to practice going forward (a skill that I am now competent at), going backwards (I can do this in small swivels), and stopping (still working on that one).


While I worked on my skills, Cedric borrowed a shovel and cleared a skating rink. Children flocked and began an adorable game of hockey. Cedric and a dad served as goalies.


Eventually, Cedric graduated to an adult game of hockey. (Or, as a kid I was talking to called it, hockey for “the big boys”.)


It is meant to get warmer for awhile, so I’m not sure how many more chances I’ll have to take my new skates for a spin this year. Here’s hoping for at least a few more pond skates.




3 thoughts on “A Sunday Skate in Squampton

  1. Dudette, seriously, how warm does it get? I was so sure that pond skating was a sure thing in your neck of the woods. And sounds like there enough people for a formal shinny league. As a person who squeals in fright at the sight of a snowflake, I count on you to keep our Canadian pioneering blood alive!


    • It doesn’t usually get too cold in Squamish – our Realtor told us that you usually only have to shovel your driveway a couple of times per season. We’ve already had about 3 good snow falls this year, but then again, so has Vancouver.


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