Meet My Boy, Millionaire Hoy

Millionaire Hoy is not really my boy, but he introduces all of his videos as “What’s up, it’s your boy, Millionaire Hoy” so I thought this post title was pretty clever.


Until I encountered Millionaire Hoy’s YouTube channel, I had never been one for fitness videos. But all that changed a couple of years ago. It was mid-winter in Whistler and it was too snowy/icy/nasty out to do most of my favourite outdoor activities (except, of course, snowboarding, but the kind of snowboarding I do cannot really be described as a strenuous activity). I was doing drop-ins at the gym and at my yoga studio, but my budget did not allow me to increase my attendance at either. So I consulted YouTube.

I can’t remember how I came across Millionaire Hoy, but something about his workouts really work for me. They’re no frills – no back up dancer type people, no gimmicky graphics, no music at all (which somehow I never really notice). That’s not to say they’re not well done; on the contrary, they’re perfectly designed with all the cues you want (preview of the next exercise; timer; modification options) without being cluttered or distracting.


Typical video layout

His videos tend to be high intensity cardio/body weight focused, with the occasional optional dumbbell element. Typical MH videos include push up variations, heaps of burpees, different types of squats and lunges, etc. Expect LOTS of jumping – do NOT do his videos if you are in a condo/dorm/hotel. Actually, he has a series of “silent but deadly” videos that don’t feature jumping around. I have done a few of these before – it turns out, doing 20 variations of push ups is indeed silent but deadly.

I guess different trainer styles connect with different people, and Millionaire Hoy (incidentally, this is his real name) clicks with me. He’s not overly peppy, he doesn’t try to play the mean tough guy – he’s just positive and he keeps it real. I EXTRA like him because he doesn’t charge for any of his videos. I read that he decided to provide them free of charge because he didn’t want people’s incomes to prevent them from being in shape. He just seems like a solid guy.

Okay, let’s talk about the videos. He splits them up conveniently into playlists. My go-to lately is the “Full 90 Day Total Body Burnout HIIT Workout Challenge” list. I didn’t actually do the 90 day challenge – I just pick one of the 60 minute videos in this series. I only do one video per week, because I like to do other things like trail running, yoga, weights, snowboarding, etc.

His videos are hard. I sometimes feel like puking up my heart and usually have to pause the videos a few times (although he does provide frequent water breaks, praise). But I really like them, which is why I decided to talk about them in my blog today. I also wanted to balance out all the baking posts.

I will leave you with my favourite MH video of all time: the animal themed workout. Enough said.

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