8 Reasons Being Injured Is Okay

I sprained my ankle last week.

It kinds of sucks for many reasons – mostly due to the fact that it could be a little while before I’m able to trail run, snowboard, and do other fun things.

But whining won’t fix my ankle, so instead, I present this list:

8 Reasons Being Injured Is Okay

  1. It could be worse. The summer between Grade 11 & 12, I tore the ligaments in my other ankle days before I started my dream job: tuck shop assistant at Girl Guide Camp. I spent the summer hobbling on crutches in an air cast. This time, it’s not so bad.
  2. I took a couple of days to lie on the couch. That was kind of nice.
  3. My spikes had just broken again – now, I can postpone buying a new pair until next year.
  4. On the same note, next time I run, it will hopefully be on bare trails!
  5. According to the projected timeline, I should still be able to run all my races this summer. I may have to hustle a little harder, but at least I won’t miss any.
  6. In theory, my upper body and core should become very strong over the next few weeks. You can find me at the gym.
  7. I get foot massages at physio.
  8. It was way better to be injured now than in the summer; the FOMO is negligible this time of year, for the most part.



2 thoughts on “8 Reasons Being Injured Is Okay

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