Springtime and Frolf

Our one year Squamish-versary is quickly approaching, which is kind of crazy. I remember driving down from Whistler to Squamish every day for two weeks to wash walls, tape walls, paint walls, decorate walls, and think way too much about walls in general.

Except I remember it feeling a lot more like summer than it does right now – I remember painting in shorts and sweating like crazy from the sun and our lack of blinds. (Mercifully, we now have blinds.)


There have been a few hints of spring in Squamish lately. We saw a bit of sun last weekend, so Cedric and I decided to go do a little exploring. My ankle is still on the mend, so trail running wasn’t an option. We decided to walk the trails instead.

Twenty minutes or so into our walk, we noticed some frisbee golf nets (poles? posts? baskets?) off in the distance, and I remembered seeing them on a cross country ski session from a few months ago. We returned home, grabbed our discs, and took of to enjoy some local frolf.

Until Sunday, I had never frolfed anywhere but Whistler before. I like frolf because you don’t have to be good at it to have fun. Case in point: I am not good at it, but I always have fun. Usually, a round of frolf involves a hot and sunny day spent wandering the woods and hucking a disc for a few hours (and foraging through the local fauna to retrieve said disc for a few more hours).


The course we played in Squamish is pretty different from the Whistler one. It is generally clear and wide open, which wasn’t quite as fun as meandering the woods in Whistler, but it did make it a little easier for the first game of the year. We still managed to almost lose our discs in prickly bramble and soggy bogs – and we actually totally lost one disc to a pond.


I have heard of at least one other frolf course in Squamish – one that is in the woods – so we’ll have to head out to explore than on the next sunny day. Of course, we’ll have to pick up a replacement disc first. I’m thinking we should also pick up an other tennis racket (we currently only have one), because I walked by some nice looking community courts the other day that looked like a lot of fun.

… but that might be a few days away.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.54.44 PM


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