I’ve Tasted Heaven: Sicilian-Style Thick-Crust Pizza

You guys.

The Bread Illustrated cookbook can do no wrong.

Seriously. It is astounding how many glorious creations can be made with four, yeast, and salt. Case in point: tonight’s dinner, the Sicilian-style thick crust pizza.


My mouth is watering just looking at this.

I’m not normally one for thick-crust pizza, but I happened to have some semolina flour on hand and I was looking for an excuse to use it up. Bam – this recipe, which calls for a mix of all-purpose and semolina – did just the trick.

Preparing the dough is a two day affair, but it’s relatively easy. I’ve made regular pizza dough once or twice, but it’s so cheap to buy some ready made dough at Pasta Lupino in Whistler that I fell into the habit of just picking up a bag for our DIY pizza nights. Don’t get me wrong – their dough is amazing – but handling the Bread Illustrated dough was like working with a soft, stretchy cloud.

The original recipe calls for a homemade sauce and combo parmesan/whole-milk mozzarella topping, but Cedric suggested we throw on some caramelized red onion and green pepper as well. It was a great call – enough to give it a little more excitement, but nothing so crazy that it took the spotlight off of the dough.


Pre-oven ‘zza

Waiting for the pizza to cook was agony. Our house smelled amazing and we were ready to pounce when the oven time went off. We still had to wait five minutes for it to cool, so I took some time to admire the perfect crust.


Remember how I said the dough handled like a cloud? It tasted even cloudier, if that makes any sense. Like a puff – almost like biting into a fancy marshmallow. Fluffy, light, airy – definitely not overly dense or doughy like you might imagine a thick-crust pizza would taste.


The thickest of crusts

We ate ourselves into a glorious pizza-fueled food coma. This one is DEFINITELY going into the “make again” pile (after I’ve finished baking every single other bread in the book, of course.)

6 thoughts on “I’ve Tasted Heaven: Sicilian-Style Thick-Crust Pizza

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