Alice and Brohm: The Key to Surviving the Summer Heat

It has been hotter than Hades these last few days in Squamish.

Frankly, I love it. We don’t have AC, but we do our best to keep cool by a) having our fans going all the time, b) putting our blinds to good use, and c) enjoying frozen treats. Our freezer is nearly always stocked with these President’s Choice Fudge Smoothie bars (highly recommended, by the way), but the other day we decided to make a little field trip to the base of the Chief to try out one of Squamish’s newest food truck additions.


Sweet photo from Alice & Brohm’s FB

You can’t pick a more Squamishy name than Alice and Brohm, which is the moniker of this Boler-cum-ice-cream-truck (Alice Lake… Brohm Lake… get it?) They do one thing, and they do it well: berry ice cream, made with fresh fruit. On the day we were there, our options were strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry. After agonizing for way too long over this decision, I went with strawberry.

They’ve got the berries on the spot, so you know this ice cream is the real deal. If you’ve ever had Yogen Fruz, the process is kind of like that (fresh berries mixed into a soft serve -ish type treat), though it’s fancier, local-ier, and generally classier than the ole YF.

I opted for the waffle cone (YOLO) and went to town on my strawberry ice cream. It was really delicious and totally hit the spot on such a hot day. It probably would have tasted even better if we’d actually hiked the Chief, but we made up for it by hiking the Sea to Summit trail the next day.


I sampled Cedric’s raspberry ice cream, and it was just as good as my strawberry. It’s easy to describe the taste: it tastes like the real fruit. But better.

At $5.50 for a small (they have a kids size and a larger size, too), it’s cheap enough to justify as a treat on a sunny day, but expensive enough to keep it as an occasional indulgance. Check them out on Instagram or Facebook to find out where they’ll be in the coming days. The forecast looks mighty fun for the next little while, so you’ll probably want to pay them a visit.

I, for one, am a big fan of the new food trucks that have been hitting up town (check out my review of Flaca’s Tacos here). Casual, affordable, tasty food is a triple threat in my books.

Alice and Brohm – I’ll be back.

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