Hitting the Reset Button with Mother Nature

Summer in the Sea to Sky is so fun that it stresses me out.


Note to self: be more like Moose. All photos by the very talented (and handsome) Cedric.

Even with the extra-long days, there simply aren’t enough hours to do everything you want to do. I want to say yes to every Facebook invite. I want to tackle every hike within a hundred miles. I want to go for ice cream with every visiting friend. I want to do it all!

It’s the best problem to have: too much fun stuff, and not enough time to do it all (without neglecting basic hygiene and, you know, working). It’s silly to admit to myself, but when my schedule is as full as it is – even if it’s packed with fun stuff – I get overwhelmed.

I’ve found that the best cure for too-much-fun-itis is spending a little one on one time with Mother Nature. A recent camping trip gave me the much-needed opportunity to put everything – laundry, work projects, my floundering fantasy baseball team – on pause.

With the usual distractions removed, there was nothing to do but take in the views, explore the lakes, catch up with friends, and watch the adorable Moose do her thing. We didn’t go far and we weren’t out for long, but it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves and for a little while, time seemed to stand still.


Moose ❤ Photo by Cedric

Except at night – at night, time seemed to move verrrrry slowly because I was so flipping cold and couldn’t thaw out my feet. Got to keep it real here.


Photo by Cedric – and taken while I was already in the tent trying to thaw myself.

I very much needed this little weekend getaway to remember that fun is supposed to be fun, not stressful. I know the endless gray November days will be here before I know it, so I’ll enjoy the over-committed sunshiney days while I’ve got ’em.

Happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “Hitting the Reset Button with Mother Nature

  1. I must admit the sight of snow freaked me out. As did your comment “I could not thaw my feet.” its August! We’re melting in the heat and humidity out here. How high did you have to go to reach snow???? Please say it was really really high.


    • It has been SO HOT in Squamish too – I kind of wish I was camping up high again! We were way up in the alpine by a glacier. I’m not sure the exact elevation but we drove up up up for like an hour, then hiked uphill for a couple more.


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