Post-Thanksgiving Week: Bobbette & Belle’s Perfect Pumpkin Pie


Aaaaand that’s a wrap on another successful Thanksgiving. Get excited: this week’s blog posts are all themed around the Thanksgiving weekend. I managed to stretch my festivities across three days – if that’s not a successful Thanksgiving, then I don’t know what is.


Today’s post is all about pumpkin pie – specifically, Bobbette & Belle’s recipe for the so-called “Perfect Pumpkin Pie”. I’ve mentioned before that I’m so-so on pumpkin pie. I enjoy a particularly well-made pumpkin pie, but I’ll usually reach for another dessert over pumpkin pie if given the option. However, Cedric loves pumpkin pie, so I’m happy to whip one up once a year.

Last year, I had great success with the recipe from The Pie and Pastry Bible. This year, it felt natural to borrow Bobbette & Belle’s recipe, as I’ve been baking my way through their cookbook since the beginning of the year.

The pastry used by B&B is the same sweet pastry used in the mixed berry tart and the mini blueberry hand pies. A few thoughts about this:

  • It definitely seems unconventional to use a sweet tart crust for a traditional pie.
  • As I’ve learned in the past, this dough is finicky as heck to work with. It’s virtually impossible to roll out and lift up in one piece.
  • Luckily, it’s also very forgiving. A patchwork approach is most definitely acceptable here.


The pastry recipe made enough for a full tart, and I had enough leftovers to bake five mini pie shells, too.


First up: the blind bake. This was a little tricky since we had the turkey sitting in the oven at 325 degrees, whereas the blind bake calls for 350 degrees. I just left the pie shells in extra long – as in, double the recommended time. This is standard for B&B recipes, in my experience – even if the oven had been at the right temperature, I would have given it plenty of extra time to bake.


Once the light golden crust had been achieved, I let the pies shells cool completely before pouring in the filling. The filling is comprised of pumpkin puree (the book says canned, but I made my own), sweetened condensed milk, sour cream, cinnamon, ground ginger, ground allspice, nutmeg, and egg, and some vanilla. Although this is a semi-long list of ingredients, the actual assembly is easy: just whisk it all together in one bowl (the egg and the vanilla are added after the first several ingredients are combined).


I poured the filling in, and it was the perfect amount for a single pie. The book recommends half an hour in the oven, but I think I had mine in there for 55 minutes. It came out looking pretty darned good: the crust was not burnt, the middle was not wiggly, and it was a lovely colour.


The Bobbette & Belle cookbook recommends a Chantilly cream to go with the pumpkin pie, but I took some creative liberties here. I don’t love Chantilly cream, but I do love vanilla gelato (especially if it’s Lucia Gelato’s KO Vanilla). Since I already don’t love pumpkin pie, I decided to go with the gelato to make it a little more exciting for me.


Excellent gelato to pie ratio, right?

For what it’s worth, Cedric believes that whipped cream is a more suitable side for pumpkin pie than gelato. We’ll have to agree to disagree here.


I deem this pumpkin pie a decent success, though I’m not sure I’d call it perfect. First, I would argue it’s more of a pumpkin tart. Second, I liked it, but I wasn’t blown away by it – I remember loving The Pie & Pastry Bible recipe a lot more. However, Cedric – who is clearly the pumpkin pie purist in our family – thought it was incredible. Out of our entire Thanksgiving meal, the pumpkin pie earned more enthusiasm than any other dish.


Final thoughts? It’s a finicky dough, an easy filling, and a quality pie if you’re a fan of pumpkin.

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