Bobbette & Belle Recipe Reviews

I’ve been baking my way through the decadent, delectable desserts of the Bobbette & Belle cookbook. Here’s what I’ve whipped up thus far:

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9 thoughts on “Bobbette & Belle Recipe Reviews

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  3. Hi again,
    Have you made the Pecan Caramel Churchill squares yet? I am planning to make them for a party tomorrow (july 2) and was hoping to learn from your experience before I tackle this one.


    • I HAVE made them – I even wrote a blog post about them but for some reason, it didn’t save (Argh!). They were INCREDIBLE and I will definitely make them again. I would definitely go for it – I wish I could remember the specifics but it was a good 4 months ago when I made them.


  4. Okay…so, I made the churchill squares. They did not turn out very good – and I followed the instructions exactly. The shortbread base was dense and the top caramel pecan layer didn’t set well and was way too sweet. Ugh. Slaving over a hot stove and oven during a heat wave and the results were less than good. The cooking time in the book was understated – it took longer for the shortbread crust to become lightly golden than the book said, and even then, only the edges were golden. The sugar mixture never reached 240 F (stuck at 210) and didn’t set that well (still gooey). The squares were still edible but nothing to write home about.

    I’ve made a few recipes from this bobbette and belle book – they never turned out exactly right, which is disappointing. The salted caramel sauce and cream cheese glaze were excellent though. I really wanted to like this cookbook – it is so pretty and promising. But I don’t think I’ll be making anything else from it…except the ‘World’s best shortbread cookies’…gotta see if that is true. 🙂


    • I agree with the cooking times – they are always WAY understated. I wonder if the heat had something to do with the caramel being finicky? I don’t remember that stage being an issue for me, but I made it in the winter. It is so disappointing when a recipe doesn’t turn out after all the time and $$$ spent on wasted ingredients!


  5. Have you ever tried any recipes from Tish Boyle? She is a pastry chef and has written several books on desserts (cakes, cookies, etc.) and has a blog. I have three of her books (The Cake Book, The Good Cookie, and Flavorful) and have made several recipes – they always turn out as expected and I get rave reviews from friends and family. Her pound cakes are especially good. The books do not have a lot of glossy photos, but don’t let that deter you. And, she responds to emails (I have asked her a few questions about her recipes if I am not certain about something)! If you do try her recipes, I hope you will share your experiences as I never have enough time to try them out before an event.


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